Pete Stark First Openly Atheist Congressman

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It’s about time! This is a huge step in the right direction for non-theists. I completely agree with Herb Silverman, president of the Secular Coalition for America, who says that, “the only way to counter the prejudice against non-theists is for more people to publicly identify as non-theists. Rep. Stark shows remarkable courage in being the first member of Congress to do so.”

I continue to encourage all atheists, agnostics, and people with alternative religious beliefs to be open and forthright about their points of view. Thank you, Pete Stark, for your courage to tell the truth, especially since Atheists are the least trusted minority in America.

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  1. Phoenix

    (Atheists) have the right to believe whatever they want, even if that belief is nothing,” Reutiman said. “They shouldn’t have to fit in with the clean-cut American life like a Norman Rockwell painting.

    How is being atheist somehow in opposition to living a clean-cut American life like a Norman Rockwell painting? Are those paintings overtly Christian and I just can’t see it?

    Anyway. I wouldn’t want my children marrying a religious person (of any persuasion), so I can understand the reverse as well. Faith is an act of magical thinking, and I wouldn’t want grandchildren growing up in such an environment. I would consider it a step backward, evolutionarily speaking.

  2. Phoenix

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  3. Actually, there is a link back to the homepage, although I’ll admit that it isn’t immediately obvious. From any page that isn’t the homepage, clicking on “Blog” will take you back to homepage.

    That having been said, I thought I had made the banner a link back to the homepage, so thanks for pointing out that it wasn’t. It is now.

    I’m still trying to iron out all of the quirks, weirdnesses, and mistakes in v5, so please bear with me (but don’t stop pointing them out!).

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