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Here’s something that I’ve been meaning to blog about: when did Geico sell out and start crediting the stupid Gecko with their success? I keep seeing all these ads where people who supposedly work for Geico are talking about how ‘Mr. Gecko’ really took the company to new heights and how he ‘re-defined customer service.’ What the hell? And the Gecko sold out too! He used to hate Geico because people kept calling him! And now he works for them and is employee of the month? Moreover, these stupid new ads are rolling at the same time the ad where Mr. Gecko is trying out to be the spokesperson is. Which makes no sense! Why is he applying for a job at a company where he’s already employee of the month? I know that Geico is government run (which is why it’s so cheap and also why you get so little money back in the event you are in a car crash), but I didn’t think the government was =this= disorganised. What they need to do is sit down, figure out what the hell their ad campaign is going to be, pull all the commercials and run only the ones that apply, chronologically, to the campaign.

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