Scrambled Holiday

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Have you ever noticed that when you’re on holiday, the days seems to go by at an alarmingly fast rate? Morah and I are in Clarkston for a couple of days before we have to go back to school and I can’t believe how fast the first day seems to have gone by. We’ve still got all day today, but we’re probably going to head out first thing tomorrow to move Morah into the dorms, so we won’t be doing anything vacation-like. This past the Thursday (What day was that? 12 September, I guess) was my last day of work at KREM for the summer. Granted, it wasn’t a big huge deal and no one made a big huge deal about it, but I think at least a few people are going to be sad to see me go. I know I’m sad to leave. I wish I had a better car to drive and a schedule that would allow me to stay on there. Alas, I do not. Ergo, I will go back to school and work there.

Did I mention what I’m doing at school for work this year? I don’t think I did. This summer I cut together a promo and a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for our school’s radio station KEWU. The person working as interim program director liked them so much that she offered me a position as PSA Director, which I gladly accepted. So now I get not only a key to the building, but a key to the radio office as well. Moreover, I get a desk with a phone and the only typewriter in the radio deptartment (not that it really matters, but I have to make the list of perks long so that I can say there are a lot of perks). What else? I guess it’s mostly just added responsibility as well as greater creative freedom. I’m not quite sure what being PSA Director entails, but I’ll find all that out when I go in for my first day of work. It’s going to be quite a lot of fun, I’m sure. Plus it’ll get me more hours of work than if I were just a DJ at the station, which, by the way, I will continue to do. So that’s a whole lotta hours, which translates into a whole lotta money.

What’s that I hear? It sounds like eggs being scrambled! Okay, I don’t really hear anything except Morah’s bird, but I know that eggs are being scrambled in another part of the house and that some are being scrambled for me. So off I go.

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