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I’ve met the girl of my dreams and she plays the bodhran. And sings with an Irish accent. And is totally hot. You can see her picture on ALLO, or visit her band’s website.

Wow. So much happened this weekend that I don’t know where to begin. I remember that at a couple of different points in time this weekend I said to myself, ‘that’s going in the blog.’ Funny how I can’t remember any of them. I take that back, I remember one. We spent a good deal of time at our neighbor’s place this weekend, as did quite a few other people. As a result, there were a half a dozen dogs running around together. One of the dogs was quite keen on ‘getting a piece’ from the other dogs, which caused them all to have a short fuse with him. Any time a bark or growl was let out, it was as a result of something this dog had done or tried to do. Needless to say, a major confrontation was brewing. Pretty much all the dogs were looking for any excuse to beat the snot out of this other dog (who was, curiously enough, larger than all the others). At one point, some of the humans were goofing around, and one guy was trying to throw his sister into the lake (the people on ALLO who are throwing and being hit by a water balloon. They’re both in their 40’s or 50’s. You’d think they’d have grown up a bit). When he did that, the big dog started barking and jumping around which set one of the other dogs off. She charged and attacked the big dog, biting him right in the neck. The humans forgot what they were doing and started trying to seperate the animals. The big dog ran away in fear while the female dalmation (clearly the victor), ran around the yard with a large tuft of the other dog’s fur in her mouth. It was both exciting and funny. I was just grateful that our dog didn’t try to get in on it. The only other male dog there ran and hid as soon as trouble reared its head. What a day.

I saw the Beamers in concert, as well as a band called Scr?Duhk (Yes, like Scrooge McDuck). I also saw Lee Ann Womack, but I’m not into country music, so the concert wasn’t that hot. They were all part of the annual Festival At Sandpoint. What else, what else? I don’t know. If I think of anything interesting, I’ll let you know.

EDIT: Removed dead link. -TJB 23 September 2004

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