Seahawks Madness

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For the first time ever, the Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl. I actually had the NFC championship game on and was, more or less, watching it. For once, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl for more than just the commercials.

It’s already nuts in Seattle, and I’m sure that Spokane will also be crazy. I wonder how crazy it will be if they actually win the Super Bowl.

At any rate, Go Hawks!

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  1. Not you too Thomas! No! It is a sad, sad thing when those who dislike professional sports fall victim to civic pride. I will stand alone firm in my convitction that professional sports are ridiculous and I could honestly care less about the Seahawkks going to the Super Bowl. I will not become part of the hysteria and I will not be watching the Super Bowl (more than likely I’ll be working).

  2. I still think that professional sports are absurd; I mean, have you seen the price for Super Bowl tickets? I don’t mean the ones on eBay, I mean the ones being sold by the NFL.

    However, I do think that this is going to translate into some great exposure and revenue for the state of Washington. I’m sure Cheney is bound to benefit when the Seahawks come back.

  3. Sunshine fans piss me off!

  4. Mom

    Wow Thomas, you are actually going to watch. If you want to come over that day we could plan a healthy super bowl meal.

    You should be watching the Zags too. I never used to enjoy basketball but they make it fun to watch.



  5. Dianne Brown

    I always love to read Mike’s comments. He is very witty.


  6. In case Mike’s comment is meant about me, I would like to point out that I am not a sunshine fan, as I still don’t care about the Seahawks. As stated previously, I want them to win because of the benefits that other, non-sports related nouns (people/places/things) will enjoy.

  7. Thanks Mrs. Brown!

    I was just kidding. I know that, when you watch the Super Bowl, you’ll still be bored even though the Hawks are playing.

    Go Hawks!

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