Sean Spacey or Kevin Gullette?

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What would happen if you put Sean Gullette and Kevin Spacey in the same room?

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  1. I had to visit IMDB to find out who Sean Gullette was (oh, THAT guy). Meh.

    Now, you put Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken in a room together…now we’re talkin’!

  2. Very true, but I guess I was going more for the fact that they look very similar.

    Spacey and Walken, damn, that’s a room I’d like to be in.

  3. Have you ever heard Spacey’s impersonation of Walken? It’s DEAD-ON; better than Jay Mohr’s.

  4. Damn, Jay Mohr’s is awesome. I’ll have to look for Spacey’s.

  5. Jay Mohr’s is really good (did you see his SNL appearance?), but while it captures the pauses and the squeaks, it lacks a lot of the _meanace_.

    Speaking of SNL, did you see Walken’s ‘Trivial Psychic’? “You have a nanny that takes care of your children…she’s in the kitchen…there’s smoke….she’s burning the toast! The toast will be ruined! There’s still time! HURRY!”

    I’ve only seen Spacey’s one time, and I can’t remember exactly where (I think it was during an interview), but he nailed it, like down to the facial expressions.

    Why does everyone do a Walken impersonation? It’s everywhere you go. One of the characters (Ryan Reynolds'”Berg”) on “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place” did an awful one.

    Pete: That’s the worst Walken impression I’ve ever heard.

    Berg: Actually, I’m doing an impression of Germ doing his impression of Walken. His is awful; mine is DEAD ON.

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  8. Christopher Walken reads Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” (with lame sound effects)

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