Secular Sunday III – Bible Spoiler

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Bible Spoiler: Jesus dies on page 681

I saw this recently and couldn’t resist posting it here.

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  1. Bash quote:

    [Duskmon] It must have blown to be one of the first outsiders to convert to Christianity.

    [Duskmon] Like, you’re reading through the Bible for the first time, and then a bunch of Hebrews burst into your Church shouting “CAIN KILLS ABEL IN GENESIS FOUR VERSE EIGHT!”

  2. yeah, but He comes back to life two pages later, put that in your spoiler pipe and smoke it 😉

  3. Ach, I haven’t read that far yet! Don’t ruin it for me!

    More Bash:

    grosslack: Hell is a place of everlasting damnation and fire.

    locokamil: Your belief system is thermodynamically unsound.

  4. Boo

    What a great spoiler.

    When I worked in a book store a man came in to preach. “My Jesus is still alive! he did not die! He walks with me and he lives with me. Jesus is alive!”

    Being a bit younger and quicker with the quip I asked him, “Wow. That’s one old man. The smell has got to be awful. How do deal with it?”

    He left. Guess he didn’t read the whole book. 🙂

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