Secular Sunday VI – Crazy Mel’s Church for Nutters

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What happened to Mel Gibson? Like Tom Cruise, he used to be pretty cool. I mean, come on, Mad Max? Gallipoli? Lethal Weapon? Braveheart? I liked him as an actor, and when he started directing, I thought he did a reasonably good job. Despite being atheist, I enjoyed the The Passion of the Christ.

But then there was the whole “sugar tits” incident; he’s been accused of homophobia, anglophobia, and antisemitism; and he’s pretty harsh on his critics. It seems that Mel is a deeply troubled man who might be using religion to atone for his sins.

His latest project isn’t another blockbuster film, but a $37 million, 400 seat, private church in the hills of Malibu. It’s a Catholic church, but it’s not recognized by the Catholic Church, because Gibson has a beef with the Vatican II.

Gibson’s an old-world kind of guy, and his church’s daily masses are conducted in Latin. The church adheres to the nearly 500 year old teachings of Catholicism and requires female parishioners to wear long skirts (they’re forbidden from wearing pants) and veils over their hair.

To further add to the oddities surrounding the church, the address and phone number are a secret, the grounds are surrounded by a fence, it’s guarded by private security, there are video cameras discreetly monitoring the grounds, and access to the church is at the discretion of a guard at the gate.

Do I really need to comment further? It’s clear that Mel’s taken a dive off the deep end. I just hope they make Mad Max 4 before he’s committed to an asylum or he drinks himself to death.

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  1. I still like Mel Gibson. I’m rather fond of his directing. I’d love to see him work on a set just to see whether or not he has “gone off the deep end” or if he’s seriously just doing cool stuff.

    The whole church thing is definitely off. When I watch his movies though, I’m just…not going to think about that. I hope he makes it look pretty though. I’m an atheist as well and I hate ugly boring and “modern looking” churches that sprout out of the ground effin’ everywhere.

  2. I will admit, seeing a mass in Latin would be pretty cool. Watching them in English can be kinda boring. It would be especially cool if it’s one of those old-style Gothic cathedrels.

  3. From the article: “Visible throughout much of the valley it overlooks, the high-ceilinged church is being constructed in the architectural style of an old-fashioned Spanish mission.” So, while not a Gothic cathedral, it’s also not a boring old box.

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