Sex On The Beach

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My god, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last posted. Sorry about that. A lot has happened (of course). I’ve been having trouble with webcamcat because he can’t connect to AIM. 8 million bloody changes need to be made to my webpage because (as I’m disappointed to find out) HOD2 doesn’t work on any computer except the computer it is made to work on (in other words, it works on my computer, but no other one. If I fix it on another computer, it’ll work on that computer, but no other one. This goes for every computer I’ve found so far and I don’t know why). As such, I’m going to ditch HOD2 and stick with ALLO. Which is especially nice, because I am now the proud owner of

What else is new? On May 13, 2002 I turned 21. My first legal drink was a Sex on the Beach. I wish I could have had a Fade to Black, but I haven’t found anyone who can tell me what’s in it. My parents got me a toaster-oven-broiler (that’s what it says on the box). I’m really happy because I’ve wanted one for a long time.

I went to see Star Wars: Episode II on Friday. While the graphics were overall pretty nice, from the point of view of a filmmaker, it stunk. It was riddled with problems. I’m sorry, but George Lucas =CANNOT= direct. Let’s not forget that the last film he directed before Star Wars: Episode I was Episode IV. 22 years had elapsed by then! I’m sorry, but he’s out of touch.

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