Speedticketbeaters.com or Bigfuckingcheaters.com?

closePlease note: This post was published over a year ago, so please be aware that its content may not be quite so accurate anymore. Also, the format of the site has changed since it was published, so please excuse any formatting issues.

In looking around on the internet today, I found a site called speedticketbeaters.com. I looked around their (crappy) site for a bit and found some testimonials. One of them was from an actual lawyer who had used their services and won his case.

I was suspicious.

So, as I often do when reading the testimonials of products about which I am suspicious, I checked the AnyWho to see if I could find contact info for the people listed.

Not a single person listed on their testimonial page exists in the AnyWho.

Anyone surprised?

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  1. Frank

    A friend of mine used that site to beat a ticket recently. They’re for real. You’re wrong on this.

  2. I’m not wrong that none of the people in their testimonials exist, which was the purpose of the post.

    I also noticed that “Frank” is unwilling to take responsibility for his post (the e-mail address he listed is with mytrashmail.com, a site that offers temporary e-mail addresses for the purpose of avoiding spam mail). You know who I think Frank is? I think someone at speedticketbeaters.com noticed that my site links to theirs and someone from their (I reiterate, =very= poorly designed) site posted something here to defend themselves.

    I could be wrong, but if you’re going to try to rub my face in it, you have to take responsibility for it, otherwise you automatically fail.

  3. Frank

    I am here again, saying you are wrong about those guys. Their site worked on a hard ticket to beat according to my friend.

    I used a spam email account b/c i don’t want to be hit with tons of email over this.

    i have no f’in idea about their testimonials. maybe some of those people are unlisted numbers? maybe some are fake? i have no clue. i just know the site did their job for my friend.

  4. See, you’re still missing the point. I’m not wrong about those guys running a system that works, because I’m not saying anything about their system. Maybe they are legit and have good info; I have no idea, nor do I portend to know whether or not they do.

    Perhaps the real question I should be asking is why you’re so quick to defend a criminal. If your friend got a ticket, he probably did something illegal and therefore deserved the ticket. I got a speeding ticket once. It was my fault, I broke the law, I paid the fine. Do police sometimes hand out erroneous tickets? Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but I’m willing to bet that your friend was guilty. That he was able to beat a “hard ticket” doesn’t make him innocent.

    As for the fake e-mail address, I don’t make people’s e-mail public without their express permission (you’ll notice that even in talking about your address, I didn’t divulge the address itself). This is a policy I have for everyone who visits my site because I hate spam mail as much as everyone else. If it’s your policy to use fake e-mail addresses whenever you visit sites, so be it, but you can’t expect me to take you seriously if you won’t stand behind your words.

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  7. David

    I just have to get in on this even though its over 3 years old. Yesterday, I stumbled across speedticketbeaters.com while looking for a defense of a ticket. While I completely agree with you (thomas), at the time it looked kind of legit. Since i’m not going to hand over $119 to a company I know nothing about, I decided to google them and see what kind of complaints came up. The second site on the list, below STB, was a blog on ripoffreport.com. Obviously the name of the site says it all and I was quite suspicious at this point. I was only planning on reading a couple posts but ended up reading the entire thing, which took about 3 hours. Some of the people posting were ex-customers, most were from the owner “CEO:D.ROSS”, and just a couple were a suspicious man who seemed to do the same thing as Frank. Like the owner, Frank failed to argue the points that were being made by others. This guy, I Think his name was Chris on the other site, did the exact same thing. He post something to the same effect as frank has done on here. He would say “My friend used their system with great success, therefore you shouldn’t knock it”. It was obviously a biased statement by a member of his D.Ross’ team. I cannot believe I was even considering ordering his garbage. What a scumbag!

    P.S He was no contact information available whatsoever!! He claims he doesnt have a physical address cause Law enforcement will harrass him. What a crock. Watch, I guarantee he comes on here to defend his crappy services by saying that if he was crooked he would not be able to have an account with paypal or visa/mastercard or some crap like that. every post he made on the other site was the same regurgitated B.S he made on previous ones.

  8. R.I. Mello

    David and Thomas~

    You two sound like a couple of skeptics…which is good, because I am one. I know that this thread is about 3 years old, with a comment about a year ago; however, I was wondering. Have either of you happened to stumble upon a legitimate “ticket help” company?

    Thank you!

  9. I haven’t, but I haven’t looked. And for all I know, the site critiqued herein may well do as it claims.

    Of course, step 1 to beating speeding tickets is not to get one in the first place…

  10. J

    It’s a scam. Bought it, used it and it didn’t work.

  11. Larry

    Its a scam. Bought it,used it and lost. Trying to get a refund They were really rude and wrote foul replies.

  12. morgan

    so, i just found your blog after contacting speedticketbeaters.com for a quote. they emailed me their whole BS spiel, tried to call me, and sent a payment request from paypal, all within 5 minutes. i emailed them and told them that i felt harassed, and that i no longer wanted them to contact me. they continued to email me, trying to pressure me into using their services. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. DO NOT EVEN GET A QUOTE. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF BULLIES AND FRAUDS.

  13. Steven Shippee

    If you are skeptical just call their number at (415) 230-4322 and you can judge yourself from the tone of the answering machine’s message.

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