Surviving Terrorism

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Now you can order Surviving Terrorism, a book that spans “312 oversized, information-packed pages” and is supposedly filled with everything you need to know about how to survive a terrorist attack. The book’s website even includes testimonials. How can there be testimonials when this book was published =after= 9/11 and there haven’t been any other terrorist attacks since that would necessitate such a book? In fact, I checked the Anywho for a number of random names in the testimonials section and most of them turned up with no results. So are they quoting people who don’t exist? Perhaps, but I did manage to find one person (I won’t tell you who for their sake). The name on the testimonial was the only matching name on the Anywho, so I decided to call and ask if the testimonial was real. The person I spoke to was the person listed on the testimonial and they claimed to have written it. So statistically, only one in every five or six of their testimonials is real. Don’t be fooled by imitations, you can’t buy this book on! And how can this book be better than one written by the U.S. Marine Corps? Especially when there’s such an amazing price difference. The Marine Corps book is $179.05 cheaper than Surviving Terrorism. But wait, what’s this I spy? It looks like a secret page that allows you to purchase the same book for $97 instead of $199! What the hell is going on here? Moreover, if you decide not to order the book today, you can get a special 90-day money back guarantee instead of the standard 30-day. Plus, you get to keep the book if you ask for your money back. Why aren’t they just giving these things away? Perhaps because they claim the information they’ll send you is worth $429.96. The phrase that really sticks out in my mind is “Some People Will Think I’m Nuts … Including My Wife!” I’ve seen this on so many scams before it’s not even funny. What’s that saying about if something is too good to be true?

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