The Need For Speed

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Hmm. I came on here to say something, found an interesting blog on the front page of Blogger, and have subsequently forgotten what I was going to say. I was reading most of my old blogs last night. I started all the way back at the beginning and read almost every single one from then until now. It was quite interesting. A lot has changed since then. It’s amazing how poor my spelling and grammar can sometimes be without my even knowing about it (until I read it later of course). I guess I need to practise typing a little more so I can do what I’m doing now (watching what’s being typed instead of watching the keyboard). It’s funny to try and think about typing. I don’t really think about which key I’m hitting or even how to spell a word. I just think of the word I want to type and my fingers do it. If they get it wrong (spelling it wrong, for example), my fingers know and they fix it on their own (usually). I don’t think about which key is where or in what order I need to push them, just what word I want to type. I getting good at special characters as well. My finger know where the period is, the comma, the colon and semi-colon, et cetera. The know where shift is, backspace, space, et cetera. Numbers and their special characters still need some work, though. I suppose I should try and teach myself to type properly, but that would only slow me down. I know! I’ll teach myself to properly type Dvorak! Then I’ll be able to type super fast…

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