The Show: Saying Goodbye

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I just watched today’s episode of The Show, which was made by stringing together short videos made by sports racers from around the world (including me!). It was a nice sentiment, but it made me kind of sad. The Show has been a lot of fun and Ze’s quirks and humorous points of view have been highly entertaining. Much thanks to Phoenix for introducing me to The Show in the first place.

Many of the messages in today’s episode had messages stating that author would miss everyone. Why? Ze has given us The Org so we can continue to communicate and collaborate! So, sports racers, The Show may be over, but our friendships have just begun. I’ll see you all in The Org; my username is mwproductions.

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  1. Kevin

    Saw you on The Show and decided to stop by…

    We are all going to miss that crazy guy.

  2. Thanks, Kevin, I’m glad you did! I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Ze. At least, I hope we haven’t! -)

  3. halogen

    Hey, found you from the video too. Gonna miss the show too. Keep on keeping on and all that jazz.

  4. You as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Phoenix

    Here’s what I think: Lots of us have video cameras. Lots of us have good/interesting/quirky things we can talk about. However, most of us don’t have Ze’s drive and (apparent) free time to make a new video every day.

    But… every week? Every month? How hard would it be to get like-minded SRs together to each contribute one mini-show each? Have someone go through and pick out the best ones (or vote on them or whatever) and put them in an RSS feed or other stream.

    This has been mentioned a few times in The Forum, so I’m not the only one to think it, but as has been said before, “Don’t Ride Coattails”. So it wouldn’t be a replacement for The Show, and it wouldn’t be Sports Racers trying to be Ze (which would be impossible), just a bunch of people making a collaborative vlog (

  6. Phoenix

    (While I like the live preview, it doesn’t always match the published comment. In my previous comment, I made an arrow with the < and it was cut out. I’ll have to remember to escape my characters from now on. —> Unless… can you see it when I do this? ← )

  7. Phoenix

    Are … (how do I ask this?) are you naked on your webcam right now? Should I not be browsing this site from work? ^_^ I’m not judging…

  8. That’s weird that it cut out your comment (by the way, I also dislike the term vlog).

    As I said when I made the switch, the live preview isn’t a 100% accurate reflection of the final output. Although, I looked at what you wrote and I’m not really sure the arrow doesn’t work. I guess something (Firefox?) thinks it’s supposed to be HTML code for commenting out (which doesn’t explain why the rest of your comment is visible).

    And no, I’m not naked (how would you know if I’m telling the truth?!).

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