Totally Bizarre Advertising

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We’ve all seen those annoying little Flash-based banner ads that entreat you to play some game in the hopes of winning an iPod or something similar. They range from actually fun (I once saw a “Wild West” shooting gallery one) to fairly odd (“outrun the gorilla!”), but below is one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen:

A Belly Slappin' Good Time

As if the premise of a competition composed entirely of slapping a sumo wrestler’s belly wasn’t odd enough, the prize for out-slapping your opponent is that you will, “find out your crush’s name!”

Wha?! How does that make any sense at all? I often wonder who comes up with this stuff, which leads me to wonder who pays for it. No self-respecting company could possibly think that this union is a natural one. Can you imagine if Apple had a banner ad like this? “Eat 50 eggs and win a free iPod horoscope!”

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  1. You can’t really put anything past those crazy Japanese, you know. Either they’re on the forefront of the next REALLY BIG thing in the intertubes or… okay, or they’re just crazysauce.

  2. My question is: if its your crush do you think you already know who it is? Call me crazy but I always knew the name of the guy I liked. The definition in the OED (A person with whom one is enamoured or infatuated; an infatuation; so to have or get a crush on, to be enamoured of, take a strong fancy to) implies that you have prior knowledge of this person. Maybe its meant for when you see a hot person on the street that you fantasize about later. Ok that’s enough procrastination for me today back to my thesis.

  3. I think they mean you can find out who has a crush on you.

  4. You’re probably right, but that’s not what they say on the ad. It is unclear. It says “your crush’s name” which means the crush belongs to you. Anyway its weird and disturbing.

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