USPS = United States Parcel Smashers

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Today I received this pathetic looking box.


How hard is it to deliver a box without totally destroying it? It really makes me wonder how frequently things like this happen. And what about the postal employee at fault? Does she just look at the crushed box, shrug her shoulders, and toss it in the bin? At the very least, I would have appreciated an apologetic note.

I sat with the box for about an hour, trying to decide whether I should just open it now, or take it to the post office and open it in front of an employee, so that they could see that I was not at fault if the item inside was broken.

I eventually decided to open it, as I hadn’t paid the extra $1.35 for insurance, which meant that the post office wasn’t likely to be sympathetic, no matter how hard I cried. Moreover, I don’t like the people who work at our local post office. Back in Cheney, Nancy and Joe (that’s right, I know them by name) were the friendliest postal employees I had ever met. Now I’m stuck with three mean guys. One of them is particularly evil, and =every time= I go in there, he’s the one who ends up helping me. I’m not kidding.

Fear not, however, as the item I had ordered was unscathed. Perhaps next time I’ll pay the extra $1.35, just to be sure.

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  1. Speaking as a daughter of a Postal employee I can almost guarantee that the letter carrier is in no way at fault and they unfortuantly get the blame because they are the face the public sees most. More than likely it was damaged by some person who works the graveyard shift or in transport by a trucker who didn’t secure things properly. As for the rde people at the counter that’s probably because they are just plain hateful and evil. Sure they may have to put up with a lot of shit from crabby cutomers all day long and then have to hear the post master go on and on about how they are consistently losing money for th post office by just breathing but still they don’t have to be complete dicks about it. Its just like those fuckers at the DOL and their “I have control over your destiny and this is the only place you cna go to take care of your bussiness so I’m going to screw with, be rude, and take a lousy picture of you, just because I can and there is nothing you can do about it,” attitude. Fucking bourgouis (you know what I’m trying to spell) bureacractic paper pushers.

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