Vehicular Voyerism

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I took my sister and a couple of her friends to the mall today. On our way there we had to wait at a stop light. While waiting, one of my sister’s friends noted that the vehicle ahead of us belonged to the Department of Corrections and was full of convicts. Someone said something about how funny it would be if they saw us and I said it probably wouldn’t be very good because they’re probably all pedophiles. Then the hilarity ensued. One of the convicts just so happened to turn around and see a car with three 16 year old girls in it. Within seconds, all the convicts in the van were looking at us and waving. My sister and her friends were trying to hide (my sister even went so far as to flip them off) while I laughed my ass off. We drove away, but traffic eventually brought the van right up next to us. All the convicts started waving again and my sister and her friends started shielding their faces. The convicts started making fun of them by pretending to cover their own faces as well. I continued to laugh.

When we got to mall I said, “You know, that was probably the highlight of their day.” Everyone agreed.

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