Webcam Woes

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The work webcam has gone offline. Somehow the program got corrupted today and now when it loads, it crashes. This is similar to what happened to the program on two of my other PCs.

I’ve actually been very impressed with the program. The company who created it stopped developing it almost 10 years ago, but it has still worked quite dutifully. That is, until it somehow gets corrupted and stops working.

I’ve tried everything to get it to work again, short of formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, uninstalled and deleted all known associated files then reinstalled, uninstalled and deleted all traces of the program (including in the registry) then reinstalled, and none of it has worked. If anyone has any ideas besides formatting the hard drive, I’m all ears.

Perhaps the time has come to find a new webcam program. Will anything be able to live up to Webcam32’s record?

UPDATE: I left the computer shut off all night, and when I started it up this morning, the webcam program fired up and worked perfectly. I’m not out of the woods yet, however; this is always how it goes. What comes next is that the program works for a little while before freezing and crashing. I have my fingers crossed that it really is working properly.

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  1. LG

    Damn! How else am I supposed to stalk you? 🙂

  2. Have you looked at Dorgem on SourceForge?

  3. I looked at it a while back, but was unimpressed with the UI and its lack of features. Still, it’s hard to beat free…

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