What I’ve Been Up To Lately

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A whole month without a post. Sad. Since everyone else who has been neglecting their blogs has updated, I guess I will as well.

Working from home has been great, although it still feels a bit like the weekend all the time. I have a schedule that I’ve been trying to follow, although sometimes things come up that mess up the schedule, which tends to make the rest of the day rather shaky in terms of getting work done.

Work itself is plentiful. In fact, we have a ton of stuff going on and are meeting with new clients rather frequently. It sometimes makes me a little worried about the volume of work that will be placed on me, but so far I’ve managed to keep my head above water. I think things will smooth out a bit more once we establish a pattern (and once I get a few more things sorted out with the CMS).

Kingsly is settling in quite well. He’s learned most of the rules we’ve taught him, although we still don’t trust him home alone, so he gets put into his crate whenever we leave the house. During the day he hangs out with me in the office and follows me around whenever I go anywhere else (except the bathroom, which he seems to understand now is only ever a short trip). Once Morah gets home, he couldn’t care less about me.

The house is great, but as with everything else, our lack of time keeps getting in the way. The things we want to do get pushed back by the things we need to do (like mow the lawn. Also, vacuuming takes twice as long). What we really need to do is start making lists and, as with work, establishing patterns so that those required actions are more predictable.

I recently joined Oz Fitness, which killed a little part of me, but having access to all of that equipment is nice, especially the racquetball courts, which Morah and I have been wanting to play since we graduated from college about 6 years ago. I also have a personal trainer who seems to like kicking my ass every time I come in. It’s cool, though, because she makes it fun.

In case you hadn’t already heard, I’m taking hang gliding lessons. A guy I know is a hang gliding instructor and wanted a website for his business, but couldn’t really afford to pay for a quality job, so he and I worked out a trade deal where he gets a great website and I get my novice rating. I’ve had 2 lessons so far and it’s a ton of fun! It’s also a lot more safe than it seems, and after my first lesson I had a much easier time understanding how people can just run off of a mountain with a hang glider.

I guess that’s about it for now. Morah and I are planning another vacation for our anniversary, but I’ll save all those details for another post.

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  1. Ryan McCarthy

    Wait until you have kids – time disappears…

  2. Phil Peltonen

    Hang gliding! Awesome!!!!!!!!!

  3. mel

    did you by chance lose a dog-tag in the whitehall vicinity?

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