Where is Seth MacFarlane?

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According to TicketMaster, The Paramount Theatre, and Monqui Presents, Seth MacFarlane (creator of The Family Guy and American Dad) will be giving a speech in Seattle on 25 June at 8pm.

According to his agent, from whom I received an e-mail, he is not.

Actually, the e-mail was from his agent’s assistant, but she spoke directly to his agent. This morning I e-mailed Monqui Presents in the hopes that someone will get off their ass and either (A) schedule him for real, or (B) give me my damn money back.

Why am I the only person who knows about this?

UPDATE: Kris added a humerous commentary via AIM:

kriskarlb: Maybe that person was lying to you… Maybe he is coming, and it was their sly way of avoiding an interview.

“Uh, he’s not coming”

“But…I’m looking at the marquee right now: Seth MacFarlane, Tonight”

“Um….yeah…that’s the *other* Seth MacFarlane…the one who sang with that band”



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  1. Kris

    Just as an update: not only are tickets still on sale, but the event has made the MAIN PAGE of both The Paramount and Monqui…

    Sneaky bastards…

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