Where’s The Fire?

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So I went to Hunters, WA again today to take pictures of the 93rd annual 4-H fair for the Stevens County Rural Library. I got to sleep at about 2a this morning (since I had to work until midnight) then woke up at 7a to get ready to go to Hunters. I was out of the house from a little after 8a to about 5p. I’m home for about 30 minutes when I get a call from work asking me to come in early because there’s breaking news and it’s huge and chaotic and they need everyone they can get. Since I was in the middle of cooking dinner, I asked for some time and they said okay, which ended up getting me to work at about 7p. It’s about 9:30p right now and nothing much is happening, but everyone is freaking out and madly preparing for our normal shows. It’s pathetic, really, but we’re in a ‘breaking news war’ with the other stations, and so far I think we’re winning. We had some really nice shots and some really good reporting during our breaking news updates. But still, it’s not like they need a full crew here. They could do with one or two people in the studio, but until about fifteen minutes ago, we had four. So there’s an extra person just sitting around with nothing to do. But now we’re down to a normal-sized crew and I think we’re just doing the normal shows. Hopefully they don’t keep us here late because I’ve got company waiting for me at home! Oh well, such is the life of a newsie.

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