Who Says Direct Advertising Doesn’t Exist?

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I was just exposed the best direct advertising ever. There is this big billboard that faces the intersection on the corner of a street that I drive along to get to and from work. As I was driving home from work, I couldn’t help but notice the ad because it described what I had just done. The billboard (for Keystone Light) reads: NEVER BITTER (Unlike the guy you just cut off). It was perfect because I =had= just pulled into the lane in front of some guy. I laughed, it was wonderful.

I ran camera tonight and am getting better at it. It’s slow going, but I’m really just not used to how tight the shots are supposed to be. I can’t believe how tight they want them to be, it blows my mind. It’s pure madness if you ask me. Oh well. Hey, I think I get to work with Brianna (the hot new chick that I haven’t met yet) on Monday, so that’ll be a fun shift…

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