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Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

I wanted to write a post to wish you all a holy dayhappy holiday and to talk about what’s been keeping me so busy lately.

As you can see, I haven’t posted for almost a week, but it’s been a busy week for me!

On Friday, my new iMac finally arrived! Morah and I carefully unpacked everything and got it all set up. I love, love, LOVE my new iMac! Not only is it frickin’ huge, but everything looks beautiful, and the thing just works. For example, I plugged in our printer’s USB cable. I waited for it to tell me that it had found the printer and was installing it, but no message came up. I opened up the printer preferences and, what do you know, there it was! The computer didn’t skip a beat, it just recognized the hardware and connected to it without a fuss.

I know I have much more to discover, but so far, I’m loving having a Mac.

My time with my new toy was short-lived, however, as my parents picked me up and we headed up to Sandpoint. After being out of town all weekend (and through Monday) without internet access, I returned to work on Tuesday and began the final push to get our new website up and running. Today was more of the same and felt even more hectic than yesterday. Tomorrow is shaping up to be equally busy as the site officially launches.

What is about to-do lists that every time to whittle them down, they find a way of growing back up?

At any rate, I can’t promise a post tomorrow, but Friday will, of course, have a Friday Funday. Don’t think that I’m running out of steam; I’m just taking a week-long blogging break because life got in the way. I may be out of town again this weekend (the plans are shaky, but I could be away from the internet on Monday and Tuesday of next week), so there’s a chance that I’ll have to go another week without blogging.

Hey, at least I should have plenty to talk about.

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  1. le *sigh*

    the new site

    le *sigh*

  2. Phoenix

    The Best Mac Software

    Essential software to make your Mac more awesome. Not having some of these tools is like having half a Mac. Others are just plain fun. You have a very cool computer… enjoy!

    Now I just have to get my own Mac…

  3. LG

    To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I went out and found me some booty!

  4. Hopefully you’ll blog about it! -)

  5. Hope you were touched by His noodly appendage.

    We’ll have to get together to belatedly celebrate the holiest of holy days sometime next week.

  6. Me? Blog about the new website?

  7. No, I want LG to blog about getting booty!

  8. Mike, I checked in the Gospel of the FSM and Fridays are actually the holiest of the Pastafarian Holidays. Still, I agree that we should go out for dinner. Phoenix should come too.

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